The Iron Age brewing company announced a new IPL product – the Ping G410 Iron.

    The new Ping G310 is an ultra-portable stainless steel fermenter, designed to be used in a wide variety of brews. 

    “The Ping G400 is designed to deliver a more accurate beer and brew with a more stable, consistent brew,” Ping said in a press release.

    “Our Ping G10 series brew kettle has an innovative design and provides a unique and efficient brewing experience.”

    The Ping Pong series of stainless steel brewkettles have been a part of Iron Age’s history for over 20 years, but the new product is the company’s first in its range.

    “The PING P410 Iron is the perfect beer-making companion for the modern brewmaster,” Iron Age Brewmaster Dave Bough told Brewbound.

    “The Ping is a highly functional, portable stainless steel kettle, and can be used for up to four fermenters.”

    The new Ping has been designed to provide a consistent brew and provides an easy and quick way to make an IPA or lager.

    “A new iron kettle is no small feat – the PING-G410 is not the first to be developed for this purpose. 

    In 2014, Brewbound reported that a company called Lazy Goat had developed a similar kettle for $400.

    That kettle is still in use, and is currently being sold for $450, but the Ping Pang was designed to go far beyond the kitchen.”

    Its lightweight design allows it to be easily carried and transported for use on-the-go.”PING G310 Iron – 4,500ml  (5 liters)PING P400 Iron – 3,400ml (3 liters), 3.2L (7 liters, 12oz)


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