New Scientist is happy to reveal the origins of the song, Iron Maiden’s Iron Maiden, that inspired their iconic song “Iron Maiden”.

    We were able to track down the band’s manager to confirm that it originated in the studio of a former member of the band.

    “It’s an actual song,” he said.

    That member, Chris Bell, has been an Iron Maiden songwriter since the late 1990s.

    The lyrics are as follows: “And I’m not a god/But I know how to fix things, I’m the one with the right tools/And if I need help, call me.”

    The song has been sung by a small band of Iron Men since the 1980s, including a single recorded in 1986 by guitarist Paul Denton and vocalist Joe McQueen.

    It was the last song the band performed on stage before the final song of their career, The Black Album.

    However, the album is credited to singer Chris Bell and producer James Murphy.

    A spokesperson for the band declined to comment when contacted by New Scientist.


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