I like to dress my kids in a fun, stylish, and fashionable way, and the kids have a lot of fun making me look good while doing it.

    But there’s one thing that is a bit hard to get through my head when I’m out and about, and that’s when the kids start asking me to “play” with them.

    The first time I had to get the kids to do this, I told them, “I don’t care what you wear.

    Just let me take your clothes and get them out of your hair.”

    It’s not a good feeling, and I was pretty much the only person in the whole house that was like, “Yeah, let’s do that.”

    My wife and kids both get really annoyed with me.

    When the kids ask for me to take their clothes, I’m like, I don’t really have any choice, I have to go get them and I’ll be home and they’re still not doing what I tell them to.

    And that’s just the way it is for me, really.

    So if you are like, you know, having kids, or have kids, you want to get them dressed up?

    There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s your baby’s job.

    And for me as a parent, I feel like that’s really the thing that’s holding me back.

    If I was to start dressing the kids up, I’d be like, OK, let me do it.

    I don´t care if I’m dressed in a dress or not.

    Just go do it, you guys.

    The truth is, I want to take the kids out of the house and just go to work.

    I feel that I have enough stuff to get my house ready for them.

    And then when the weather gets cold, the kids can go out and play outside and then when they come home, they’ll be like “Wow, mommy did such a good job.”

    So, I just want to be the parent who has the children out of their house and ready to go at the same time.

    I just feel like I need to get back to the basics.

    The kids do have a few things that they want me to do, but they don’t want me doing all of that stuff.

    They want me only to get to know them.

    They don’t wanna know me.

    They just wanna know that I’m there for them, and they wanna know they’re safe.

    So, the way I handle it is, if I do something that I feel is not the right way, then I have a problem.

    And if I know that they really need me to be a part of that, I do what I feel comfortable doing, and then I’ll take the responsibility for the kids.

    And I can’t do it if they don´ts feel like they can do it themselves.

    So that´s where my focus lies, and when I do things like that, that’s where I want them to feel comfortable.

    If they want to do something on their own, and if they feel like it is okay for me or not, then fine.

    But if it’s not okay for them to do it with me, then that´ll be it.

    They can go home and do it their own way.

    If that´S the way you want your kids to be, then you know what I mean?

    I don`t want them being afraid to play outside.

    I want their toys to be as fun as they can be.

    But I have no problem with them just doing what they feel comfortable with.


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