The Premier League has been the biggest club-run league in the world for more than a decade, but there is a growing awareness that the financial clout of the top clubs could soon be under threat. 

    The Serie A clubs are all owned by a group of businessmen, who also own the clubs in which they are based.

    The group, known as the Italian Serie A owners, have recently announced plans to sell some of their holdings to help pay down debts. 

    The new owners have put together a list of clubs that are expected to make the biggest money in the top flight. 

     However, a report from the Financial Times suggests that the most profitable Serie A club in terms of revenue is Parma. 

    The Italian giants were reported to have earned over €8.7m last season, and Parma have the most revenue in Serie D.

    However, the newspaper noted that Parma were still only in the second tier of Serie A. Parma have been linked with a move to the top division by the Premier League, who are keen to keep their best players, but are also wary of losing their star players. 

    “It is not going to be easy for Parma to stay in the upper division,” a source close to the negotiations told the newspaper. 

    And it will be very difficult to sell players in order to keep them.

    The report stated that Pazzi have made a profit of just over €1.5m in the last two seasons, but the club is now set to take a €15m cut from its next season’s revenues. 

    This is the first time the Italian giants have been mentioned as a possible destination for the group, who would then be allowed to keep some of the club’s best players.

    Parma are also a major player in the Italian game, with two World Cup-winning squads. 

    According to the report, the Serie A squad is still one of the most successful in the league, but that has been undermined by the financial power of the Italian club. 

    There is also the issue of Parma’s ability to attract the best players to the club.

    The report noted that the owners are planning to sell up to 30% of the squad, while the other 25% would be split among the clubs and the players.

    This could make it difficult for the club to keep the best young talent, which would be the best thing that could happen for the future of the league.


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