The next step is to find an iron overload recipe.

    There are several popular recipes for iron overload on the web, but the iron overload recipes that I found were the most accurate to the ingredients, cooking times, and temperature requirements. 

    Iron overload recipes are great for beginners but not for the advanced cook.

    The iron overload cookbooks are usually written by experienced curlers who have been cooking for years.

    This makes it easy to learn the recipe, but also makes it difficult to master.

    Iron overload recipes require a fair amount of patience and practice.

    To get the most out of these recipes, you will need to understand the proper equipment, cooking time, and cooking methods.

    If you’re looking to learn how to make an iron load curling cooker, check out these books: Iron Load Cookbook by Amy Leighton Iron Chef by Richard Allen The Iron Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Iron Cooking by Jennifer Storch


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