I love the Lego Iron Men movies.

    I love them because they give us a unique, relatable take on what the Iron Man armor is supposed to be.

    But, like most Lego movies, the Iron Men films have been plagued by plot holes and continuity errors.

    When Iron Man 3 was announced in 2014, the trailers had to be redone to make sure that the film’s heroes weren’t all clones of each other.

    Even when Iron Man’s nemesis, Thanos, was confirmed, the original film didn’t have him.

    The latest trailer for the next Iron Man movie was just released, and while the teaser trailer showed the film as a whole, the footage didn’t reveal the film to the audience.

    Now that it’s officially released, it looks like the film will continue to fall short of expectations.

    We’re going to have to wait for the new trailer, and we’re going


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