— A $799.99 Callaway model is the ultimate deal on a high-end golf club.

    The brand name is the same but the irons have a slightly different look.

    Callaway also makes a brand new version of the classic Callaway AX-600 irons.

    The AX-700 irons are available for $499.99 in three colors.

    Callaways AX-800 irons go for $599.99, while the AX-900 irons and AX-1000 irons both go for around $999.99.

    The AX-1200 irons come in three different models, the AX700, AX700S, and AX800S.

    Callaway said the AX400 and AX400S irons were originally launched in March and are still being manufactured.

    The new AX400 irons use a carbon fiber alloy that Callaway says will give them “the strongest feel, with better aerodynamics and increased durability” compared to other carbon steel models.

    The company also said the new irons will offer “a premium feel, better balance, a wider profile and longer irons than the previous models.”

    Callaways AX400 comes with a two-piece cage, while its AX500 model has a three-piece, double-sided cage.

    Callies AX400 models come with a 6-foot shaft and have an adjustable height shaft.

    The standard AX500s are available in three options: a 4-hole, 6-hole and 10-hole irons; a 3-hole; and a 7-hole.

    The other new iron is called the Callaway Pro.

    It comes with an 8-foot steel shaft, but the company said the Pro comes with three additional shaft options: 8, 9 and 10.

    Callie’s Pro models come in five models, including the AX500, AX500S, AX600, AX800 and AX900.

    The 8-hole version is available in two colors: green and red.

    The brand also offers three models of the AX600.

    These are the Pro 600, Pro 600S and Pro 600X.

    The Pro 600 has a two piece cage, the Pro 700 has a four-piece one and the Pro 800 comes in four different models.

    The 6-inch shaft is the new price point for Callaway’s AX600 models.

    It’s made of carbon fiber.

    The 10-foot version of Callaway XR irons is called Callaway XP irons that are available now.

    They come in green, red and orange.

    Calloway XP iron shafts come in four models, and the 10-iron comes in three.

    Callback XP irones have a 6 foot shaft and are available as a 4, 5, 6 or 7-foot option.

    The Callaway XL irons came out in March.

    They are the same price as the AX450 models.

    Callbacks XL iron has a 2-piece carbon fiber cage, and they have a 3 foot shaft.

    Callries XL irones are also available as three different options.


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