There are two more matches to go before the end of the season, with two more groups to be drawn for the semi-finals and final.

    The Europa League is not over, and will continue to be played on Saturday, November 15.

    We are going to go through all the groups as if we were playing in a European competition, and we are going, in effect, into the Champions Leagues final.

    There are eight groups in total.

    They are the two groups of five teams from each group, as well as two groups for the knockout stages.

    The group winners will then qualify for the quarter-finals.

    The other group winners in each group are going into the semi/final against the other group winner.

    There will be three groups in the final, two groups from the first round, and one group from the second round.

    There is a play-off between the first and second group winners.

    The winner from each of those groups will go into the last-16.

    The first-place team in the play-offs will advance to the semi finals, and the winner of the semi will play against the second-placed team in their group.

    The two top seeds from each final will then play in the first-round of the Champions league, with the third-placed and fourth-placed teams from those two groups.

    All the players who made it to the last 16 will be able to make it to their respective semi-final matches, with a third-place finisher from the group having a better chance of reaching the final than the top finisher.

    The final will take place at the Allianz Arena on November 18, and there will be a TV audience for the first time since 2008.


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