Tony Stark, the Iron Man, is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    He has been sidelined since the 2016 film The Avengers.

    But he has had another chance in his own right, as part of a special event on Thursday that features Marvel’s Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye.

    It’s the second time that Tony Stark has been reunited with the franchise’s titular superhero, after he appeared as a key character in Captain America: Civil War.

    In 2019, he starred as Iron Man’s father in Captain Americas third installment.

    Tony Stark is the son of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, a former Russian spy.

    He’s also the grandson of Nick Fury, who died in the 2016 superhero film The Winter Soldier.

    The two are shown onscreen as father and son in the trailer for Iron Man: Civil Wars.

    While we’ve been waiting for this new Tony Stark to get his due, a lot of fans were left waiting for him to get a little more screen time in the films Thor and Black Widow.

    But the wait was worth it.

    Tony is back, and the Marvel Studios team has made him a big part of the cinematic universe.

    He was one of the key players in the story that took place in the film The Vision, where he helped defeat Thanos, an evil supervillain who was trying to turn the world into a fascist state.

    Tony’s return to the MCU has given the film’s Avengers a big boost, which is good for the franchise overall, but the movie itself has been underwhelming.

    Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has made it clear that his vision for the next Marvel Cinematics will not be a repeat of its success in the first film.


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