The two tech giants are “taking a hiatus” from producing a new round of iron for the Apple Watch, according to reports.

    Iron is Apple’s answer to the pressure caused by the Pebble smartwatch, which uses iron instead of copper to make the watch’s watchband.

    The company recently introduced a new version of its “Apple Watch Pro” watch, which is a “more refined version” of the Pro, which it introduced last year.

    Apple announced it would stop using iron in the next two years, but it is still not clear when it will return to producing the new round.

    According to Recode, the Apple team “has been taking a break” from iron production and will no longer produce a new iron round.

    Iron is currently used in watches like the Apple Watches.

    In the past, Apple has said that it would use iron in future watches, but that has never happened.

    Since Apple stopped producing iron, Apple Watch owners have complained that the metal used to make their watches has “brown spots”.

    Apple Watch owners are concerned about the metal that makes their watches.

    If Apple can’t produce new iron for its smartwatch in time for the holidays, many have suggested that it will stop making the watch altogether.

    Read moreApple Watch, Pebble owners ‘not happy’ over new roundApple Watch: Apple says it will produce a ‘more refined’ version of the Apple watch with a new metal alloy, instead of using a copper alloy.

    The announcement was made on the latest episode of Recode’s podcast Recodecast, which also included Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

    Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Apple also said it will discontinue using a “nickel alloy” in the Apple iPhone X, but the company has not confirmed if this means Apple will continue to use copper in the new iPhones.

    Apple Watch is Apple Watch’s most important product.

    The watch is the device that launched the Apple brand and led to the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

    Apple announced its first smartwatch back in 2015.

    When Apple first unveiled the AppleWatch in 2014, it was widely hailed as a revolutionary device that would usher in a new era of smart watches.

    But the watch did not last long and by 2020, Apple was using the iPhone 8 and iPad Pro to make its watch a hit with buyers.

    By 2018, the Watch was no longer seen as the smartwatch it was.

    But as the Applewatch market matures, Apple is moving towards an entirely new kind of smartwatch: one powered by the same underlying hardware that powers Apple’s phones.

    And while Apple’s Watch has been the best-selling Apple Watch in its history, the company is also building new products like the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

    Apple was criticised for not using copper in its smartwatches in the past.

    However, Apple said in 2015 that it was “not aware of any specific reports that copper was being used in the manufacturing of Apple Watch products”.


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