Iron Man fans may not be the most vocal about the fourth film in the franchise, but it looks like there is a silver lining in the storm.

    According to the official Marvel Cinematic Universe blog, the fourth Iron Man film will be called Iron Man 3: The Last Stand and feature an all-new villain, the Red Skull.

    The red-headed villain is one of the most feared villains in the MCU, and in the comics, he’s a villain who uses his ability to bend metal to his will.

    According to the blog, Iron Man will get a “darker” ending to his story, but will also get to play an important role in the Battleworld, a dystopian world where his powers have been usurped by an alien race known as the Red Death.

    There is a chance this villain will appear in the next Iron Man movies, but for now, the blog says there is nothing else known about his character.

    While it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going to happen with Iron Man’s final arc, the film’s poster also shows a “black and white” version of Iron Man being confronted by the Red King.

    It seems unlikely that this will be the final Iron Man story, especially after the release of Iron Fist 2 in 2018.

    Iron Man 3 will be released in theaters on March 6, 2019, and will be directed by Jon Watts.

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