Iron Chef America is making its debut in Australia.

    The show’s official Facebook page posted an image of the restaurant with a line of customers, asking for a pig in Australia before noon on February 12.

    The post was quickly deleted, but it’s been shared thousands of times since it was posted.

    The restaurant is located in the city of Adelaide, in the suburbs of Launceston and Launcestonia.

    Iron Chef Australia is expected to open in January.

    It has already had a successful run in New Zealand, and plans to open a second location in Melbourne.

    It will be a joint venture between New Zealand’s The Restaurant Group and New Zealand food company, KFC.

    The Australian version of the show is produced by the ABC, and is hosted by Michael Cheeseman.

    A New Zealand version of Iron Chef will be hosted by chef Jamie Oliver.

    ABC News has asked The Restaurant group if the Iron Chef in Australia will be in the same boat as the New Zealand series, and the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    “I would be shocked if it didn’t,” said Mr Cheesman.

    It’s the first one to be made in Australia, and hopefully it will be the same quality and that it’s going to be a very good experience.” “

    We are trying to do a very special version of it.

    It’s the first one to be made in Australia, and hopefully it will be the same quality and that it’s going to be a very good experience.”

    A KFC spokesperson told ABC News that it is a “strong partnership” with The Restaurant.

    “The Iron Chef Australian restaurant will feature the very best of KFC in its signature flavours,” the spokesperson said.

    “KFC Australia has a long history of providing Australians with the very finest food, and our customers have enjoyed our range of Australian-made chicken, beef, fish and dairy products.”

    “We hope this partnership with The Restaurants will allow them to continue to provide Australians with quality Australian food, from a range of regional and national cuisines.”

    The restaurant will open in February and is expected a month later than planned.

    The Iron Chef franchise in New York and Los Angeles will also open their own Iron Chef restaurants.

    The ABC contacted The Restaurant’s Queensland manager and general manager, Matt Gartland, for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

    Mr Gart, who said the restaurant is “coming along nicely”, told the ABC that the New York Iron Chef was a “big surprise”.

    “We were expecting it to be very quick and easy,” he said.

    Mr Cheersman told the Herald Sun that he hopes that the new location will provide “a big boost to local business”.

    He also believes that the restaurant will help the ABC’s local brand.

    “People love seeing our brand and they like to come in and experience the food, so I think it’s a great opportunity,” he told the newspaper.

    “But we are going to do it the right way, we’re going to keep our eyes on the local business and see how it goes.”

    Iron Chef USA will be filmed at the Brisbane Hotel Brisbane.

    “Iron Chef America will be at the Hotel Brisbane from February 12, with a special dinner menu,” the ABC said in a statement.

    “You’ll also get the chance to meet the cast of the ABC series.”

    “This is a big moment for Iron Chef and our Australian fans and it’s great to have this opportunity to introduce Iron Chef to the Australian audience.”

    The IronChef franchise has been in the United States since 2003.

    The first episode of the series aired in February 2018.

    The series was filmed at a Queensland venue.


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