Posted October 24, 2018 04:37:11 Iron Maiden frontman Dan Callaway is not a big fan of heavy touring.

    “We’re not going to put ourselves through that, but we love it,” he says of the band’s two most recent tours.

    Callaway and his band are currently gearing up for a world tour that will run through the fall and winter.

    But for Callaway, the road to his Iron Maiden reunion is even more challenging than the rest of the tour.

    Callaways first tour in 2015 saw him play to about 3,500 people and sold out arenas across the country.

    He is now in the process of doing it again.

    “It was a big hit, but I think the next one was even bigger,” he said.

    “This one is really a lot harder, because the people that are on it are probably the same people that we were with last year.”

    Callaway was recently in town to visit his wife and daughter, who were enjoying a night out with their friends.

    “I’m really into this Iron Maiden thing,” he joked.

    “That was a really nice way to get my wife and kids out of the house.”

    Callaways family was a bit more open to his plans to play.

    “My wife said she was in it to see the band and her daughter, and they liked it,” Callaway said.

    Calloway and his wife are not alone.

    Many people are also trying to break into the touring business, with Iron Maiden being a notable example.

    “There are people who are really into it, but the ones who are on the road for a while are probably a lot less motivated to go out and perform,” Calloway said.

    With more and more bands trying to tap into a younger audience, Callaway says it is a great time to be a fan of the Iron Maiden.

    “People are trying to figure out what the next thing is, but they’re also excited to see it in the first place,” Callaways wife, Jessica, said.


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