The Iron Hill brewery in California has revealed the official artwork for a forthcoming Iron Man series comic book that will be released in 2018.

    The series will feature the likes of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Iron Man, along with other iconic Marvel characters, said Iron Hill founder and CEO Tom Staggs in a press release.

    Staggs told The Huffington Posts he plans to release the first issue of the comic in May of 2018, followed by a second issue in July.

    The first issue will feature Tony Stark and his team of Avengers battling against the forces of the villainous Thanos in a series of five comics that will feature an original story by writer Brian Michael Bendis.

    Stagg and Bendis were previously known for their work on the Iron Man comic series by Brian Michael Morbius.

    Stark will have his own book, titled Iron Man: World’s Greatest Heroes, which will be a sequel to the first book that features Iron Man and the Avengers.

    The second book, entitled Iron Man 2: World at War, will follow Iron Man as he battles Thanos and the villain Black Bolt.

    In addition, the third and final book in the Iron World series will see the characters teaming up with the Hulk to defeat the villain Ultron, who has taken over Earth.

    Iron Hill currently has a head start on Marvel Comics’ Thor series, which debuted in 2012.

    Marvel has been teasing that it will bring its Thor comic to the comic book market for years, but it has never made it official.

    Iron Hill will be the first brewery in the country to announce a comic book in a timely fashion.


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