The iron horse and the iron man movie have both been nominated for the Palme d’Or award.

    The movie is also the third film to win the prestigious award.

    But what makes the movie such a popular winner is the role of a man named Iron Man.

    “Iron Man is a character who was created for the purpose of creating a strong male presence in the world,” said film-maker Tony Mottola, “so it is very important to make the character as realistic as possible.

    This was a challenge for me to make a movie with a strong female presence in it, and to do that I needed to have a male actor in it.

    Iron Man is not just a hero, he is also a father.

    We wanted him to have an actual father figure.”

    The film also has an LGBT protagonist, and a female villain, which is why Mottolas director of photography, Peter Higgs, is also gay.

    “I’m very much into gay cinema,” said Higgs.

    “My favourite films of all time are films with gay characters, whether it’s Casablanca or Mad Max.

    I think a lot of gay cinema is coming out of the UK right now.”

    And that’s why Mowitts film was chosen as the winner of the Palmes Palme D’Or.

    “We’re all aware that we are in a world where women are not represented in all the roles in film.

    But we’ve got to make it as inclusive as possible,” said Mottolas director of animation, Christopher Mott.

    “That is why I chose to have one of the film’s heroes, Iron Man, as the lead of the story.”

    “The Iron Man character is a big part of this story and it was very important for me that he had an actual dad figure in it,” said the director of cinematography, Peter Mottula.

    “And we’re really excited about the future of the Iron Man movie.”


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