The sequel to “Iron Man 3” is a very good one and will win the Oscar for best picture, Sony Pictures announced Tuesday.

    But the film will be a reboot, not a follow-up, and that is a key difference from the original, which starred Robert Downey Jr.

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, writer/director Joe Johnston shared that he wants to focus on the characters, and how they have changed in the decades since the events of the first film.

    In the sequel, “there’s a lot more of a sense of where we came from, and where we’re going.

    And we also want to make sure that what’s been happening to these people, their families, their friends, is very familiar to them,” Johnston said.”

    The reason we have a second movie, instead of just a follow up, is because it’s a really good film.

    I’m very proud of it.

    It’s a very entertaining film, and it’s fun to make, and I’m happy with how it’s being received.”

    The news came just days after “Iron Fist” actor Scott Eastwood tweeted that he was excited about “IronMan 3” and “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” coming out in 2018.


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