The UK’s craft beer scene has been hit hard by the downturn in demand for the country’s traditional beers following the Brexit vote.

    Many breweries are closing, while others have begun laying off staff, with the result that sales of traditional beers have plummeted.

    The beer world is reeling from the loss of craft beer drinkers, as more and more people turn to other styles of alcohol.

    Here are some of the best UK breweries making the best beer available to the masses, according to the British Beer Awards.


    Ghd Flat Iron Brewery, West Sussex The brewery in Wandsworth, west London, has been around for almost 50 years, and is renowned for its rich and dark beers.

    It’s one of the first breweries in Britain to embrace the term ‘gothic’ and was named ‘Britain’s Brewery of the Year’ in 2013.

    Ghidetown Brewery, Essex It’s a popular hangout for locals and tourists, but the brewery in West Sussex has been closed for nearly two years, after it was bought by a new owner.

    It will reopen in January.


    Ballymore, Belfast It’s the most popular brewery in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland.

    The brewery opened in 1867, and has been open since 1974.

    It is home to a thriving music scene and a variety of restaurants and bars, which has helped draw in a growing number of visitors.

    It also boasts a reputation for producing the best beers in the country, including a flagship range of B&B ales.


    Broughton Brewing Company, Cheshire A former brewery at the centre of the town of Broughston, Broughthorn is one of Britain’s oldest and best known breweries, and boasts a large, diverse selection of classic British and European beers.

    In the UK, the brewery has a national reputation for quality and innovation, and it’s now open for tours.


    Rookstown Brewery, Somerset The largest brewery in the UK in terms of production, Rookland Brewery is a traditional British brewery which has been in operation since the 1700s.

    The company has been producing ale since the late 19th century, and in recent years it has been growing the number of bottles it sells by around 20%.


    Bierwerks, Belgium The Belgian brewery has been making beer since 1790, and its beers have become some of Europe’s most sought-after.

    It has a rich history, having been founded in the 17th century and having been a leading beer producer since the 1780s.


    Paddington Brewery, Kent A family-owned brewery in Paddeston, Kent, the company is one part of a family of seven pubs and bars.

    The Padderton site has been the site of a number of major events over the years, including the World War I Battle of the Somme.


    Green Man Brewery, Chesapeake, Virginia The largest British brewery in Chesapeake Bay, Green Man has been a favourite in Cheshire for over a century.

    The pub has an iconic atmosphere, with classic, historic rooms, and the beer that powers the bar.

    It currently has a tap room and a cidery.


    Red Lion Brewing, South Yorkshire The brewery has produced some of Britains most iconic beers, including Red Lion Ale, which was named Britain’s best cidery by the British Beverage Association in 2014.


    Cattleman Brewing, Cornwall A traditional brewery, Cattlemans Brewing has produced the majority of the countrys finest ales and lagers since the 1920s.

    Its beers have won many awards, including being named ‘Best Brewery in Britain’ in 2012 by the National Beer Wholesalers Association.


    Woodford Beer, Sussex The famous Woodford Brewery is home of the Woodford Brewing Company in Essex, the largest craft brewery in England and Wales.

    The brewer has been brewing beer for more than 100 years, but it was recently acquired by a local brewery in 2014, which will open a new taproom in the near future.


    Blackpool Brewery, UK The oldest brewery in Britain, Blackpool Breweries has been operating since 1843, producing its first batch of ale in 1842.


    Redlands Brewery, Wales It’s only one brewery in Wales, but Redlands has produced a huge number of iconic ales, including one of England’s most famous, Old Bitter, which is currently being brewed for the World Cup.


    Rochdale Brewery, Leeds One of the most famous breweries in the world, Rochdales is home for over 100 years to a wide range of traditional brewing traditions.

    It was originally a mill, but was converted to a brewery by the late 1800s, with more than 20,000 barrels of beer stored in its cellar.


    Stirling Brewery, Scotland A huge Scottish brewery,


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