In ancient times, people could build a stone statue of themselves with their hands.

    They would build a monument that could be a living statue, or a memorial to an ancestor who died young.

    The Iron Age was a time of great prosperity, and people loved to celebrate it, and the statue of the Iron Age king, Thutmose III, is a favorite among many Egyptians.

    But, a little history and a little patience are required to build one of these Iron Age monuments.1.

    Get a stone slab and a saw, and drill a hole through it.

    If you have a large piece of wood, cut it into small pieces and cut holes through the pieces.

    You can also use a piece of pine, pine tar, or similar material.

    The saw will be used to remove the stone slab.2.

    Place a slab of concrete or other nonstick material over the base of the statue and cut a small hole through the slab.3.

    Lay a piece with a hole in it in the middle of the slab, and place another piece of the same material over that hole.4.

    Cut a hole into the side of the second piece of material, and lay another piece over that.5.

    You will need a saw to cut a hole at the top of the base.

    The holes can be about 1 inch or less, depending on the size of the piece you are making.6.

    Cut the pieces of the monument together with a large saw.

    Make sure they are flush against each other, and make sure the top piece of both the slab and the base is flat.

    If they are not, you can cut the holes yourself.7.

    Secure the base with a piece or two of pine tar.8.

    Cut another piece from the same piece and place it over the top.9.

    You now have a base for a statue, but what about the statue itself?1.

    Find the right stone.

    If possible, use a stone that is about 1/2 to 1 inch thick, or even more, depending how tall the stone is.

    You may want to consider a larger piece if the size is too small.2


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