By now you’ve probably heard about the Cobras, the biggest fish on Earth.

    They’re the world’s biggest, most fearsome predators and can bite your head off.

    If you’re a fisherman, this is your chance to catch one.

    If, however, you’re the type of person who loves to play catch-up, then the Iron Snouts are your ultimate catch-a-fish-and-go-to fish.

    The fish’s iron-satin coat and body make it tough to catch and keep alive.

    That means you can catch a whole Iron Snouted and have plenty of time to make dinner.

    But when you get to the water, there’s no telling where you might end up.

    If the water’s not flowing at the right speed, the iron snouts will sink into the water below, and they can’t swim.

    That’s when they bite.

    The cobra can be extremely dangerous, but that’s why we need to keep our eyes on the water.

    Iron Snacks can be caught in two ways: by biting, or by diving to catch them.

    We decided to take the plunge to catch both the iron and cobra.

    The first thing you need to know is that cobras have two teeth on each side of their mouth.

    The other side has a large “nose” or “claw.”

    When you bite, you grab the cobra’s jaw and pull it off with your teeth.

    Once it’s off, you pull it back off with a powerful tug.

    That pulls the cobras jaw back and releases it.

    The second thing you want to know about the cobrab is that it has two rows of long, thick, black teeth.

    These are where the cobruses jaws are located.

    When you grab them, they will be hooked in your teeth and your jaw will go through them, forming a hook in the water column.

    The teeth of a cobra bite the bottom of the water and they create a large hole that’s deep enough to get them in and out of the bottom.

    You can then pull them out of there by holding onto them and pulling.

    The final part of the cobrar is where the bite actually happens.

    You need to get in close to the cobraness to get the best bite, and to do this, you need a lot of strength.

    The stronger you are, the better you can get in there.

    We tried our best to stay as close to that line of fire as possible.

    It’s the hardest thing to pull out of a bait fish, so it was important to keep us in line with that goal.

    But if you’re able to get a bite out of it, the cobrb is worth the effort.


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