The women’s Ironman World Cup has been the biggest news of the year for the women’s cycling world.

    And while the women have been competing for their world titles at the world championships in Qatar, they haven’t won one.

    The event was supposed to be a big test for the new generation of women’s riders, but it has proven to be just a bit too easy for some.

    And that’s been a concern for many, with a number of the world’s top women already coming under scrutiny for their participation in the event.

    With the Ironman women’s races already proving to be the most popular of the major cycling events, this has sparked some serious debate over whether the women should be competing in the same event.

    And there are plenty of women who are against it.

    “I think there are so many women out there who would like to compete in this,” one of the women told ESPN.

    “If you look at the top athletes in the world, they all compete at the same time in the Ironmans and I don’t see how that’s fair to them.”

    That’s why a few months ago, two of the top riders in the women�s peloton, Anna van der Breggen and Elisa Longo Borghini, teamed up with a small group of friends to run a marathon for women in their sport.

    This week, the women were asked to compete together in the marathon, and they came up with the idea of an event called the Ironwomen, which aims to be more inclusive to women.

    It�s a plan that has many women in the cycling world in support, but not everyone agrees.

    The first part of the plan involves inviting the top 10-15 women in women� s overall category, including the world champion Lizzie Armitstead, to participate in the race.

    The team then plans to put the women in groups of two, and give the top three women a chance to compete with each other.

    The other two teams will be competing against each other for the bronze and silver medals.

    “That�s what I think we should be doing with all these other events,” said Katrin Blaak, the head of the Women�s Road Cycling Federation (WRF), in an interview with ESPN.

    Blaack also pointed out that women who do not have the chance to represent their country at an Ironman race would be better off not participating in the Women’s Ironmans.

    “It�s more about a team effort,” she said.

    “You want to have the best women in each group competing for bronze and gold, and you want to give the best athletes a chance.

    I think this is really good, and it�s good for women.

    But it�ll be a little bit difficult, especially for the smaller teams.”

    But not everyone is supportive of the idea.

    “This idea is great for women,” said one of Armitst�s teammates, Anna Van der Bregh, during a recent interview with Cyclingnews.

    “But women are always in trouble when it comes to things like this.

    It was the same in the road race, it was the case in the Olympics, it�d be a shame.

    We all have different goals in life.

    If you�re a young athlete, you want that medal and the title, and that�s the most important thing in life, and if you�ve never done it before, you�ll never do it again.” This isn�t the first time the WRF has attempted to get the Ironmen out of women�S. But they�ve failed.

    Last year, Armitston said she wanted to bring women back into the race after winning the gold in the 2016 Olympic road race.

    But when she saw how the race was getting too easy to compete against each others in the course, she said it made her rethink her plans.

    “After a year of having so many medals and a medal of such a high quality, and so many people trying to come up with ways to get you into the same race, I think it�t a very good idea to do that,” she told ESPN last year.

    “In this year, I would like it to be about putting together a team that has the same ambition, the same love for the sport as I do, and I want to help out as much as I can.

    I hope that women get the same opportunity as the men do.”

    The idea of the IronWomen is certainly not new.

    In 2016, the Women International Cycling Union (WICU) announced that it would be partnering with the WBA, WADA, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to create an all-female team for the IronWorld.

    The WICU had initially planned to host the event in the U.K., but later withdrew from the U


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