2.0.0 • Fixes a bug that prevented players from seeing the new player icon • Fixed an issue where players could enter a dungeon in an incorrect location • Fixed a bug where the game could crash if the player was unable to see their new icon when entering a new zone • Fixed issues with the scoreboards for the final game and the final match • Improved matchmaking to make it easier for players to join the game • Improved chat for the players when starting a new game • Improvements to the matchmaking system • Added a new player to the game that is able to join from the start of the match • Fixed rare crashes in the game and UI when switching to another player • Fixed the scoreboard showing a wrong score if a player had died in a previous game • Fixed various bugs related to the new players.

    • Fixed some UI issues related to playing with the new scoreboards.

    • Added new achievements for players who reach the score of 8, 9, 10, and 11.

    • Removed the “POWER” achievement from the achievements list.

    2.1.1 • Fixes an issue with the final boss • Fixes several UI issues that could cause players to get stuck when trying to log in after a server crash.

    • Players will now be awarded a small amount of gold when they log out from the game after a match • Players now receive a small portion of the reward for reaching the “final boss” of the game (5% per character) 2.2.0 Added in the latest content from the Iron Throne expansion and new achievements to Iron Man: The Ultimate Collection.2 and up


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