Cast iron grill with ping g400 iron man 2.5mm steel, ceramic and aluminum coating, 4K resolution, 12.5lb iron, 14″ diameter, and a 15.6mm tip.

    Read full articleThis is a great product for the budget and the price tag is right for the price.

    With a price tag of £49.99, it is a budget priced quality grill and if you can afford it, this is a worthy purchase.

    This is the same grill that we reviewed here earlier, but this one has a slightly bigger 4K screen and has a 5″x6″ screen with a 12.9mm tip instead of the 6″x8″ tip we reviewed earlier.

    The quality is definitely there with a good amount of grain in the surface.

    You can see a small amount of black on the edge, but nothing that would be a problem.

    There are no chips or scratches on the surface and there is a decent amount of shine to the surface as well.

    This is a good quality grill for the money.

    The only downside is that it does not have the ability to hold a pot, so it is not going to hold much heat or charcoal.

    The iron is well constructed and is a solid grill.

    It is easy to handle and has no issues with any of the tools.

    The weight is not quite as high as other iron grills but it does feel very solid and the edges are well polished.

    The ping g 400 iron man is a quality product and the iron is extremely durable.

    It looks great on the grill and does not rust at all.

    The tip is very sturdy and has the ability for the tip to pivot to the other side of the grill, allowing you to rotate the iron.

    It can be used for cooking or cooking for other uses and you can adjust the iron for the perfect angle for you.

    It does come with a pot and a lid, but it has no handle so you have to use the tongs to open it.

    You also have to unscrew the metal lid from the iron and pull it out to get to the pot.

    You will also need to put a lid on the pot to prevent your pot from spilling over.

    I am a big fan of the plastic lid, it feels great and is easy for me to use.

    The price of the Iron Man 4K is right and I would highly recommend this grill to anyone looking for a budget option.


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