We love ironing, but it’s not always a smooth ride.

    Sometimes the board comes off.

    Sometimes it’s just a bit slippery.

    The first few times, we had to buy new boards.

    When we’re in a hurry and want to fix something, the ironing gets a bit dirty and the boards tend to rust.

    The second time we got it, we fixed it with a new board.

    We’re happy with it, but we’ve also had a few complaints about it.

    One of the boards has a chip in the middle.

    We thought, if we can get the chip out, it’s OK.

    But then we noticed the chip is not removable and so we replaced the whole board.

    The chip is still there, but there’s no way to fix it.

    We haven’t found the right board yet.

    Another board that has a tiny chip on the underside is also hard to remove.

    The manufacturer of that board says it’s hard to damage it, and it will be in the next version.

    We’ll need to take a look at that one too.

    We also bought a few extra boards.

    We put in some extra screws and a rubber grommet on one of them, so that it won’t break on a new build.

    But if we don’t fix that one, we’re stuck with a board that’s going to break or get dirty.

    If we can’t use it for the next couple of years, we might end up using a new one for another project.


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