Wired: “A good soldering knife should be simple, reliable, and durable.

    You’ll find a great set here, but they’re not cheap.”

    The new “Bond” model from Bond solders solders that are made by the German firm A.G. Bond.

    You can buy one here for $3,800.

    A Bond-made soldering rod solders at the new site is a little bit bigger and has a more robust construction.

    Bond also sells an adjustable soldering set, which is a set of tools for use with soldering.

    It’s more expensive than a normal soldering kit. 

    Bond’s new “P-type” solders are made of aluminum, which means they’re a bit harder to bend and use with a bit more force.

    They’re about $8,800, and they’re made by Bond and make for a good set of soldering tools.

    Here’s the Bond-branded “B” soldering device, which you can buy for $2,500.

    The new Bond-brand soldering rods come in different colors, and the new set is a bit bigger.

    You should get a good one for $1,500, although the Bond rods have a different finish than the standard Bond rods.

    I’ve previously had a chance to use the new Bond rods on my own projects.

    I used them to solder my new iPhone, but I also used them for some soldering on a couple of things like a laptop computer, my laptop case, and some electronics I made from Lego. 

    You can see my iPhone, my Lego, and my new Bond soldering tool in the video above. 

    There’s a lot more to the Bond set than just soldering, though.

    You get a soldering stand, a solder-protection cap, and a few other parts.

    It also comes with a handy battery holder and an all-in-one power supply, so you don’t have to use a power strip, power cord, or cable. 

    The Bond-style soldering station and the “P” type soldering unit are on the same level as the standard soldering stations from Bond, but you’ll need a slightly higher power supply to work with them.

    The price tag on a new Bond rod is about $6,000. 

    I can’t wait to see what Bond does with its Bond rods once they get released to the public.


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