It is not too early to talk about the coming cyclone, but it is not far off yet.

    The ABC’s David Marr has released a new forecast which shows the chances of a major cyclone hitting Australia in the next three months are increasing.

    He has a lot of good information for Australians.

    “The chance of the cyclone making landfall is now about 1 per cent,” he said.

    “So that is an increase of about 1 percentage point in the last three months.”

    “We are not going to be in any kind of severe weather until late March or early April.”

    The ABC forecast the cyclones risk is likely to increase to a severe weather level of Category 3 in early April.

    The cyclones chances of making landfall in the states will also increase to about one per cent.

    “There are about four months left in this decade and this is the first time in history that there have been four cyclones making landfall this year,” Mr Marr said.

    He said this forecast showed Australia was likely to see four more storms over the next two months.

    “We’ve had a little bit of a lull in the cyclonic activity but we’re going to get more and more of it,” he added.

    What you need to know about cyclones: Cyclone Southerly Winds, a category 5 cyclone that hit the southern tip of New South Wales in October, is currently moving across the state.

    “If Southerles makes landfall, it is likely that we’ll have about a Category 4 cyclone over the southern half of the state,” he warned.

    In the Northern Territory, the state has already seen five major cyclones this year, including the powerful Cyclone Hilda that made landfall in October. “

    It could be a Category 3 or 4 in some areas.”

    In the Northern Territory, the state has already seen five major cyclones this year, including the powerful Cyclone Hilda that made landfall in October.

    The forecast for Cyclone Alyssa is a strong Category 5 cyclones.

    “As the Alyssas path gets closer to the Territory, it could get more powerful and will get more intense,” Mr Bracken said.

    Cyclone Matthew is a category 2 cyclone which made landfall near the coast of New Zealand on October 10.

    The National Hurricane Centre has warned the cycloner is likely a Category 1 storm.

    “Alyssa has already caused significant damage in the northern New South Wairarapa region, including serious infrastructure damage and a loss of life,” the National Hurricane Center said in a statement.

    “This storm could be particularly dangerous in coastal areas and areas close to major roads.”

    This is just the start of the big storm.

    There are other major cyclonic storms to watch, including Cyclone Zephyr which was forecast to make landfall in NSW on October 26, with winds of up to 200km/h, a Category 2 storm and potentially a catastrophic storm surge.

    There is also a Category 5 storm which could bring winds of 140km/hr, with a wind-force of 180kph.

    “Even if the cyclonal event does not hit the mainland, it will still be dangerous,” the NHC said.

    There will also be the possibility of severe rainfall, particularly in the western states of New England, New York and Massachusetts.


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