Al Jazeera has reported that cast iron is becoming a major trend in the home and is the subject of an article in the American home magazine, Home and Garden.

    The article says that a range of home products are now available in this new, cheaper material, including cookware, cabinets and shelves, as well as furniture.

    In a range priced at $40 to $60 a kilo, cast iron, which can be used for fireplaces and cooking utensils, has a heating capacity of 4,000 degrees Celsius (6,000°F).

    However, a cast-iron stove is much more energy efficient than other products, according to the article, which was written by a company called Cast Iron Design, which is based in South Africa.

    The company said that in the past five years, the cost of casting iron has fallen by 50 per cent.

    “A lot of people are going to see this as a more sustainable, affordable, less harmful alternative to burning coal,” said James Lai, senior vice-president of technology for Cast Iron Designs, in a video interview.

    He added that a lot of appliances have been redesigned in the last five years.

    “There is a lot more choice in what you can buy and what kind of products you can use.

    It’s really exciting for the consumer,” he said.

    Lai said the company has also seen a dramatic rise in the number of appliances that are now made of cast iron.

    Cast iron is made from iron and aluminum and is typically used in a range from a microwave oven to cooking utters and other appliances.

    The material is also relatively inexpensive to produce, and is made by cutting up a piece of iron, heat treating it with a chemical called hydrochloric acid, and then using the process to create the steel.

    Cast-iron is also used in high-end appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

    Laying out an oven The American Home magazine article states that it is important for home owners to make the switch to cast iron because it is a sustainable, more environmentally friendly material.

    “Cast iron has a lot to offer in terms of the amount of energy and the amount that can be saved on heating,” Lai told Al Jazeera.

    “We can’t get any other material that has a similar heating capacity.”

    He said that it can be an attractive choice for people looking to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

    “It is a great alternative if you are not getting your energy from burning coal or oil or gas,” he added.

    Cast Iron is used in kitchens, dining rooms, and other home and office areas as well, and can be found in cookware and kitchen cabinets.

    Lays out a kitchen Cast iron cookware is commonly found in kitchens and kitchen cabinet designs.

    It can be made of aluminium or steel, but typically has a temperature of about 4,500 degrees Celsius, or 6,000 F. “With this cooking, you can get the oven to cook a piece [of cookware] for about four minutes,” said Lai.

    The cast iron cooktop can be set up with a variety of accessories, such a range that includes a range oven, a refrigerator, a range microwave, a gas range oven and a range stove.

    A range stove is similar to a gas stove, but it does not use gas, and uses a gas burner to heat the hot water.

    The cooking pot is the base of the range stove and can then be heated by the burner on the range.

    The range stove can also be used to heat your oven, but this time the oven is connected to a fan and the stove is connected via a range.

    A cast iron grill can also provide an option for people who want a range in the kitchen.

    Lies a range grill, cast-ish design A range grill can be fitted with a range, oven and/or gas range.

    “This can be quite useful if you want to get a range for your oven but it is not quite as economical as a gas oven or gas range,” L, told Al, adding that a gas grill can cost anywhere between $300 and $500.

    He said this was a common feature in modern kitchen cabinets, which are often designed around a range and a cast steel cooktop.

    He also said that the range is a popular option for those looking to reduce their CO2 emissions, as it is less polluting than a gas cooktop, but that this is not always possible.

    The magazine also mentions a range fire starter, which L said is a very popular option.

    “For a lot people, it’s going to be the first option in the fire box.

    They don’t realise that there are other options,” he told Al.

    The Magazine states that this option allows for a lot easier and quicker cooking, because there are no ingredients that need to be added to the range, and the flames do not have to be ignited all at once.

    “They can just set it up and have it set,” L told


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