The car was a little noisy.

    The driver was a bit slow.

    And the food was all but ruined.

    But the best part of it all was the driver was wearing a leather jacket and a leather vest.

    And when he got to the car, it looked like the driver had taken on the role of the man with the dog in The Avengers.

    This was Harley’s first time in Oxford, and the food had been good.

    But Harley was feeling a little bit down after two days of the festival.

    “I feel like the festival was just for me,” she says.

    “You’re not going to have any friends here and you’re not really going to be social.

    You’re just going to go and eat and party.”

    And the fact that the weather was good for the first time since the summer meant she was a happy camper.

    But she’d been missing her best friend from college, and she couldn’t believe that a stranger in the middle of the night had been able to pull her out of bed and put her to bed.

    “He was just so funny and really funny,” she recalls.

    “And I was so worried about him.

    I was scared that he was going to break down.”

    So she got on her bike and rode over to the festival grounds.

    She had been going to Harleys since it opened in the summer and knew how to ride a bike.

    So she decided to give it a go.

    She knew it was going be a long night and there were going to a lot of people.

    She wanted to have a fun night and just have a good time.

    “At first I thought I was going insane.

    I didn’t know how I was gonna get through it,” she admits.

    I’m just going on stage. “

    The whole time I was in the car I was just thinking, I’m going to sleep.

    I’m just going on stage.

    Just have fun.

    Just relax.

    And then it was so nice to just do it and just see the lights come on.

    And you can just just see so many people.”

    She was on stage for the longest time of the evening.

    “My heart was racing, it was a lot to take in,” she laughs.

    “All the way through it it was just a total blast.”

    It was Harley who first gave her a hug, and a hug she still holds on to to.

    “It was just the one time in my life that I really wanted to be there and have this big hug,” she explains.

    “She was so sweet and I just felt like, I know I can’t hug you, but I really want you to have that one hug.”

    Harley said she was happy to be back at Harleys and was grateful to have the opportunity to experience the festival again.

    “Harley’s is my favourite festival in the world,” she said.

    “Its just so nice, and I think Oxford is really nice.”

    Harley has been to Harlesons five times, and every time she has had a good experience.

    “There are no words for how happy I am to be going to Oxford again,” she smiles.

    “This is definitely the best festival I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to.”

    This story first appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

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