Lego’s Iron Man is the latest Lego model to feature a red hot red hot metal face, and it’s set to make a splash in a new set of videos.

    The red hotness comes from the faceplate of the model, which is actually an alloy that is capable of holding up to 2,000 pounds of force.

    It is made up of an aluminium alloy that makes it extremely strong.

    The metal faceplate also makes it possible to rotate the face, which has been added in the last few sets.

    The first set of Lego Iron Man videos also showed off the red hot mode of the face.

    The new videos also feature the Iron Man in a more realistic setting.

    This is what the red-hot mode looks like:The video also features the Lego Iron man as a hero who is a bit of a superhero.

    In this version, the hero can move through the building, as well as fight enemies.

    The red-tipped metal faceplates of the Iron man have a red flame that can be seen in the videos.

    In a video that went viral last week, Lego also showed its Iron Man as a real-life superhero in the form of a robot.

    The video is available in the Lego channel, where it is now getting a lot of views.

    We also saw some of the new Lego Ironman sets in action during a recent Lego Marvel Super Heroes event.

    In the video, we saw a new build called Iron Man, and the video was uploaded on YouTube on Sunday.

    It was also shared on Reddit on Tuesday.


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