Iron Bull, the company that makes Iron’s brand of curling tongs, has been promoting the trailer for their new trailer iron.

    The iron trailer has a similar shape to Iron’s iron, but its the other way around: it has a curved iron tip.

    Iron has already been using this design to advertise the trailer iron as well, so it may just have found a winning formula.

    Iron Bull has a ton of trailers in production, so they might just have a way to keep a lot of them coming. IronBull is a premium iron brand that offers a range of products from their Iron Bull Iron Trailer Iron Bucket, a lightweight and efficient trailer for outdoor curling, to Iron Bull’s Iron Bull Curling Iron Bucket for a full-sized indoor iron bucket.

    The trailer is made of high-grade aluminum, which has a weight of only 7.5 pounds, and the iron is coated with a non-toxic chemical that prevents rust.

    The Iron Bull trailer can also be used as a small, lightweight, and portable outdoor bar and grill.

    The bar, grill, and trailer are all designed to handle extreme heat and high pressures.

    For more information on the Iron Bull products, visit


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