An iron works in Alberta’s oilsands is getting a new life.

    The Bath iron works has been in operation since the early 1900s and is located in a mining community.

    It is being reopened this week after the owners received a federal environmental assessment that they did not need to reopen under the Safe Mining Act.

    “The owners are thrilled to have the facility back and we’re very excited about the opportunity to offer our customers a safe and environmentally sound environment,” said Julie Beekman, the owner of the Iron Monger.

    The new owners say the owners hope to reopen to the public in the summer.

    “We’re very grateful to the government for providing the financial support to help us reopen,” said Jim McBride, who manages the business.

    The owners of the Bath Iron works say they have received a number of inquiries from people interested in a tour and a tour package.

    “I think we’ve seen a number, and we’ll be seeing people on our property over the next few weeks,” said Beekmann.


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