More than half of Australians will miss out on their next meal due to the severe weather in 2019, with almost three quarters saying they will miss their next day out due to food shortages.

    Key points:More than half are planning to miss out, with nearly three quarters predicting they will be out of food in the coming weekSource: ABC News / Polling New South WalesA large majority of Australians are worried about the future after the severe storm in NSWThe survey of 1,095 people was conducted from December 15 to December 19 and had a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points.

    The survey was conducted by Ipsos-Reid for the ABC News website.

    The forecast for the coming fortnight is a little more optimistic with more Australians expecting to be back in their homes in the next fortnight than in the first three weeks.

    The majority of respondents said they would be back to work on December 18, but that was down from the last fortnight’s forecast of December 18.

    The major worry for the community was that food shortages would last longer than expected, with the majority of those surveyed saying that they would miss out of their next dinner, the survey found.

    The report comes after NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian warned that the “economic impact” from the storm would be “significant” and warned that it could have “unprecedented” effects on the state’s economy.

    The Coalition is expected to announce a new package of $12.8 billion in state aid and the federal government will announce its $5 billion package.

    Ms Berejikaian said that the storm had been “unexpected and unprecedented” and would have a “significant impact” on the economy.

    She said it would also have a major impact on people’s ability to access their entitlements.

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