The world’s most famous pot is finally being used to select the best player’s choice in the World Cup, as Italy’s players are handed their choice on the eve of the tournament.

    The cast iron ball, which has been used in Italy’s past four World Cups, is the most expensive in the world, at £2.4 million.

    The pot, which is manufactured by the renowned Vitra company, is being auctioned off on behalf of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), a government body that oversees football and sports.

    The auction was held on Saturday at the Villa Maria delle Terroir at Bologna, where it is being presented to a group of about 80 athletes, including some of Italy’s greatest.

    Italian football has had a tough go this summer, with the national squad unable to qualify for the tournament due to injuries to key players, including former captain Alessandro Del Piero.

    A number of Serie A teams have also had to leave the tournament in disgrace.


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