The Iron Man costume, the ultimate weapon for any superhero, is now available on Amazon for just $50.

    The Iron Mask, which is sold separately for $50, will also be available at later this month.

    Dyson Flatiron announced a new Iron Man series on Thursday, titled Iron Man vs. Iron Skull, featuring four new Iron Skull characters from the comics, the movie Iron Man: Rise of the Iron Skull and the live action Iron Man 2.

    It’s called The Iron Skull vs. The Mask.

    The Iron Skull has been a recurring character in Marvel Comics.

    He was created in the 1960s and was a part of a group of villains called the Red Skull, who were trying to steal the power of the sun.

    They are portrayed by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

    The Red Skull is the main antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has been featured in nearly every Marvel comic book series since.

    In the Marvel Animated Universe, the Red Snakes have also been featured.

    Dorson was in talks to return to the role of Iron Man but canceled due to the rise of social media.

    The actor is repped by CAA and CAA.

    Densmore has been cast as the villainous “The Iron Hood” in Captain America: Civil War, the first installment in the Marvel Studios’ upcoming Civil War film franchise.

    He also plays “The Ghost Rider” in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

    Dinesh D’Souza will be the director of the new Iron Mask movie.

    He is repping the film by CMA, and he is repprrepped by WME.


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