The Iron Man franchise is back!

    The Iron Age is coming to theaters in 2018 with a new film that brings the Iron Man films back to life.

    While the first film was a big hit and won an Oscar for best picture, the sequel was even more controversial.

    The film was largely criticized for its depiction of Iron Man as a violent character who would be beaten up and killed for his pleasure.

    The second film, The Avengers, took a more realistic approach and tried to explore what happens to Tony Stark after he loses his powers.

    But what’s next for the franchise?

    The film The Avengers: Age of Ultron is set to open in theaters this November and the franchise is being rebooted.

    With this reboot, Iron Man is back and he’s not just returning to his signature red, white and blue armor.

    He’s coming back with a brand new suit of armor.

    The Avengers will also introduce a brand-new character, Nick Fury, who will be an Avenger.

    There are also a ton of new and old characters from the Iron Age in this film.

    Here are some of the new and returning characters we’ll be seeing in Avengers: The Age of Iron.

    Iron Man: The Black Panther The Black Puma


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